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Wedding Hairstyles Side Bun with Braid

is a very special occasion everyone want to look special and different on this occasion but specially bride must look beautiful from all of the member of wedding. You can never ignore the hair style when you prepare you for a party or wedding ceremony. As well as the hairstyle of bride is also have an important factor including all other fashion accessories. Sometime hairstyle never match with the dresses of bride yet may be they ignore but it have much important the combination of bride face and dresses also hairstyle. As well as we have some hairstyles for bride they can choose with her face cut and dress combination. If you have so many choices for you then why you take this normal and simple. We have wedding hairstyle with bun braid.

bun with braid
Normally on wedding bun hairstyle not use but now you can use this with braid it look sophisticated with lower bun with braid.  As you see in the above picture white dress and bun with braid on long cut faces look so nice and beauty full
hairstyle bun with braidHair a rough look created with bun and braid but its not bad if you have this you may apply this on wedding ceremony

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layer with bun with braide

lower bun with braide


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