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Very short hair, what to choose in January 2016

Very short hair are were among the cuts must last summer and last fall. And forecasts in hand, we can not but express the utmost conviction that they will be still a predominant trend in the winter and going around . But how can direct its pixie line with the trends of the moment?


First of all – as it should already be known to all our cherished readers! – The starting point for a careful identification of the pixie cut not that will be to focus attention on the features of their face. Not all women, in good evidence, they can reap the same benefits from the pixie cut: for some it could be a natural landing point in the search of the look more useful to highlight her beauty; for others it is a gamble to play with particular caution, and behind the wise advice of your hairdresser.


Beyond that, as will become evident from the photo gallery we’ve chosen to share with you, the short hair , or pixie cut, can be the subject of endless customizations . So, do not believe those who say that the very short hair can not be protagonists sufficiently versatile and flexible!

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Contrary to appearances, it will be easy to play on volumes, scaling, and locks colors of your very short hair . The important thing is of course to have the ideas clear enough to share with your hairdresser, and then try to come to look more attractive and more in line with their own specific characteristics.


Also introduced above, we have selected a series of very short hair that could go for more during the month of 2016. Val therefore worthwhile to gear up a bit of patience, browse our photo gallery, and find within it one or more styles that can meet your need for revision of the winter look.

When you find one or more looks that could be for you, always remember to put away easy temptations. So try to be asking what could be the most useful customizations to your wishes, and always discuss with your stylist to more confidence, in order to find the perfect solution … or nearly!

We leave you now with the photogallery daily. What do you think? Is there any style that convince you more than others? What are the looks that you would recommend to your friends?

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