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Very short hair, 20 ideas to find greater femininity!

short have been one of the most popular trends at the end of last year and, before that, in the beautiful spring and summer. Considering what we have seen during our previous “adventures” in the parades of fashion hair the world’s top we can not but express the utmost conviction that so will be throughout 2016, a year which seems to give precedence to the extreme lengths (ie, either very short or very long).


As can be imagined, and as well known to all the women who follow us for some time, what we can assume is the possibility to customize your new haircut very short through a prior analysis of the characteristics of your face.


It should be recalled that, despite the temptations, not all women are able to reap the same benefits from the pixie cut and cuts hair very short For some women it is a positive point of call in the search for their own personal style by which highlight her beauty; other hand, is a danger to be managed with particular sparingly, possibly on the advice of your hairdresser.

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Given this starting point, it is also good to remember as pixie cut and – in general – cuts hair very short, not only can constitute a good basis of assessment, as It can also be structured and made versatile and flexible in thousands of different ways!


Contrary to surface appearances, in fact, the women who will want to be able to play very positively on volumes, scaling, locks and various colors on their very short hair . It is essential, of course, try to have the ideas clear enough that you can share with your hairdresser, trying to come to look more attractive and more in line with their own specific features without making mistakes that you require, then, an intervention rather complicated to correct the mistakes.

At this point we can do is advise the consultation of our photo gallery today. We selected a series of very short hair that could go for more in the coming months: you just need to watch them carefully, trying to figure out if they can do for you, and how they can be modified to arrive to better customization that can definitely bring out all your strengths. Success!


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