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The best 18 pixie cut saucy for next winter

Pixie cut was born, in female collective, with the film Roman Holiday. In the 50’s you as an explosion of emulating Audrey Hepburn, who in the film plays the role of a princess who choose to take a break from his duties by leaving around the city incognito, thanks to the new look.

Well, nowadays it is very difficult for the cut can go unnoticed! The pixie cut is indeed the great personality, that will certainly enhance the strengths of your face.

Of course, in order to get to this condition of benefit, also the pixie cut not that can be adapted in a very customized based on the specific features of your face. Not all women can reap the same benefits from the fact pixie: to find out what the look “perfect”, not that you can go through a careful costing of your strengths and weaknesses of the look, trying to understand what style can really enhance the first, second and hide.

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Contrary to all expectations, the pixie cut may be the subject of endless customizations: play on volumes, the scaling , the strands and the different colors, it will be a game of girls (at least, for your hairdresser!) and you will not be nothing to do but watch the gradual formation of a good result with which to pass the autumn – 2015/2016.

That said, we invite you once again to the consultation of our photo gallery today: inside you will find 10 pixie cut that you will put in the best way in the coming months, giving you a look that easy but, at the same time, be able to be raised to a real aura of chic!

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