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Super cool short hair

New insight on the most trendy short hair at the time, and a few photos to help you choose!

 super cool short hair All of our readers know well how difficult it is to find a nice that makes them feel fully comfortable, and can ensure easy and complete management of their beauty. Well, the above should certainly not have a deterrent effect on the way – forced! – The search for a more satisfactory style, and more and more relevant to our needs charm: and that is why today, as every day, we have the actual pleasure to offer you some particularly important alternative in the World short (of course, cool!).

asymmetrical short Hair

The first step that we want to ask today is related to the capelli , one of the most extraordinarily attractive alternative in this part year. They are playing with different contrasting lengths in the various parts of your hair, ensuring the final result look a dynamic and eventful.


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Pixie cut, a fad that will not pass

If we have the pleasure to further reduce the extent of your hair, nothing better than to resort to one of the many pixie cut that over the years have been clear sources of inspiration for whole generations of women. of course, as with any hair style, even the pixie hairstyle will be modeled based on your actual visual characteristics. Try to talk to your hairdresser , and work a bit ‘with him to get to an end result to scream!

short Hair forelock

may lack the bunch of the most attractive elements of style year? of course not! So what better of a beautiful short hair cut with tuft I can give you the right impression of personality and decision-making? The tufts may also be carried in different ways, and manufactured in many variations: more or less long and voluminous, certainly will satisfy any requirement of style, allowing you to always have a new look, day after day, with very little expenditure of time.


what color for short hair?

In conclusion of this short study, and before i leave you with our photo gallery today, it should be remembered that the short hair colors for different packages of 2016 are inspired by the handful is from the most extreme shades, both from the more classical. in any case, do not give the machine approach to staining techniques and modern discoloration (shatush & amp; co.), which – for the avoidance of misunderstandings easy – are not only competence of women who have longer hair!

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