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Short saucy, many ideas to invigorate your hair!

hair jaunty, declined by pixie cut on, they are one of the main choices in the hands of all those women who want to give to your look a touch of personality and femininity additional, through an easy style that can facilitate a “gain” age actually incurred on their identity cards. All this, with a style – in fact – jaunty, but the winking eye to elegance and refinement.

For the reasons above, we found pleasantly as pixie cut we have been able to make more choices protagonist of the most famous hairdressers of the world, who have taken short hair jaunty as an element of great charm, to replicate the head of their customers.


Strong of this evidence, around the short hair jaunty has resulted in a growing interest crescsente, which then led the foliage of varying length to be able arraggiare romantically in dozens of different ways. It can therefore be assumed a style of short hair and with tips straight and with a texture that could make the cut even more natural and genuine, as well as the style mannish, exploitable perhaps with a big fringe that can enhance effectively its look.

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The short cut cheeky, a little ungenerous called “the tomboy” can also be suitably adopted with a nice game of contrasts length: Try to talk to your hairdresser the possibility of a greater volume over the head, and a stronger scaling on the rest. The result could be nothing short of fascinating, valuing all points ahead of your head.


In short, as a result soon evident browsing our photo gallery, the opportunities to beautify your head there are certainly (and we certainly will not be to limit your imagination!). What we suggest, on this occasion, it is certainly the full sharing of your intent with your hairstylist’s main reference, trying to talk to him (or her) to which style is best to be taken in the near future, always starting and however from your visual characteristics.

See our photo gallery now can look forward to proposals of short hair and saucy that you should ponder the deserved attention. On the sidelines of this vision, we are certain that you will consider new alternative opportunities to your hair, and make it more in line with your preferences beauty!

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