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Short hair, some advice for the best hairstyles in 2016!

People who come for the first time to short hair are taken into easy trick: it is thought – but mistakenly! – That short hair can be more easily managed compared to long hair, for the simple belief that being smaller than the extension from “administer”, are also less difficulties to encounter. Well, nothing further from the truth! As long hair, short hair also need to be done up in a style dedicated and specific attention.

Introduced above, better not to get disheartened. While it is true that the arrangement of the short hair can often be going on a rampage women less patient (which will for example give up the chance to take refuge in the corner ponytail), it is also true that give the best with short hair is not at all difficult. What?


In line with the advice for the new season , we can certainly recommend as little as possible to comb their hair short. The new year will in fact for the more natural look, which can enhance a style jaunty. Remember, therefore, that short hair does not need to be brushed too frequently, and you can get by simply running her fingers in the canopy.

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In line with the search for a more natural, avoid using many tools that “warm” short hair . The reference is primarily to the plate, a very useful tool to give a touch to the desired hair but in the long run, also a tool that can put stress on the hair. Better, then, try to limit yourself to natural styling products, they can give a good result without weighing it down and stretch the health of the hair.



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