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Short hair, new gallery with great ideas!

The latest event in our photo , the perfect opportunity to strengthen the attention and passion that characterizes our approach to the short cuts. And just to continue with such intentions, today we have prepared a new series of shots that we have as many as 20 trend by experiencing for the last part of the summer, with many useful ideas to customize their look, and make your own end season unforgettable!

A quick look at the series of shots will allow for example to understand how short hair can be the most attractive if well-matched with the characteristics of their face. For 2015, for example, to go to the greater was the bob smooth climbed, with hair that reduce the thickness of the end of each level, fostering development and slight thinning. We believe that at the end of the summer, and even more in the fall, this kind of style will actually proceed to characterize some of the most hair in sight!


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