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Short hair, many new styles straight or wavy all to see

If you’re looking for some new idea for a short hair cut, photogallery we have today is pleased to offer might actually be for you, considering that we will show a series of renewed look that may well meet the needs of young women and more mature, looking for a sleek, sober and at the same time sufficiently saucy look from an element of rejuvenation ready for its overall aesthetic figure.



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The cuts mentioned below also seem to adapt to a wide range of alternatives, lending both to women who have a lovely oval face, both women need to lengthen or widen the shape of their face, conferring a right way of balancing the length or the width of your face. As is evident from the photo of today, the top is represented by the hair, the right style to give a good dynamism to your head , avoiding appiattirvi with a helmet not Customized and out (to be avoided if you have the face a little ‘tondetto!).

In structuring a short haircut, remember also that the look needs to be used in synergy with the rest of the element of your face : with short hair, in fact, the features, the jaw, neck and shoulders take on a greater prominence, and it is appropriate that these elements are well proportioned to avoid the flop . If it were not so, try to stretch the cut: generally is a “trick” that can solve most of your problems of balance!

Finally, remember once again that the size count (and how! – we talked about it here, not long ago). So, if you are thinking about a nice pixie cut, evaluated the head and shoulders . Women who are more minute and lean may have good results with the pixie, but if you are against the very high or you have a physique a bit ‘strong, you have to be careful not to make the sensational own goal, thus turning the beauty of a pixie real “drama” style.


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