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Short hair cut forelock, seduction and youth in one go!

If you are looking for a hair style that may give you and in one go, maybe your journey will lead you towards a beautiful short hair cut , a trend that has swept the appreciation over in recent months, and that the world seems to count millions of affectionate and faithful. But what are the secrets of this style of hair that could get the better even in the course of 2016 just started?


In order to answer this question, We can not remember how the reasons for the success of short haircuts forelock are numerous, starting with the fascination with customization of this element, by carefully calibrate in relation to the rest of his face. The tuft can in fact be used as a tool for highlighting a feature of your face, whereas it can act as a natural direction of the gaze of others: a large sprig which falls on the eyebrows, for example, would allow a greater focus of a deep and seductive.


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Because of the above reason our advice can only be to precede short hair cut forelock with a good analysis of the specific features of your face. Do perhaps with the help of a good hairdresser who can give you some suggestions to avoid falling into error: at the end of this successful sharing, you have probably found a clump ideal to highlight your beauty, highlighting the strengths and, maybe, employing it as a hideout of some weakness.


The examples, however, not missing. If you have a very round face, a large sprig side will contribute to better overall appearance. If you have very large eyes and seductive, as above we have got to anticipate, you just need to calibrate the bunch so that can give you the proper attention on this part of the face. If you have an oval face … do not you will be spoiled for choice, considering that this form of the face can give you thousands of alternative practices, without making mistakes.

We leave you then with another our photo gallery: the Inside you will find some practical starting point with which to customize your short hair cut forelock , and offer in the new year with renewed strength and personality, basing on a hair style that certainly will not go out of fashion!


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