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Short hair and scaled, a photo to choose the best!

haircuts and I am one of the must of the season. And because it is easy to spot: the short haircuts and scaled they are in fact perfect to any form of face, and with each color of hair. A perfection that will be able to be observed in full synergy with the impression of lightness and genuineness that in 2016 this will be the main guideline for your needs of style.

Just based on that belief, and just trying to encourage our readers to ride this trends, today we are pleased to submit a new photo gallery that will have the merit to show you some of the main contemporary trends, thus going to enrich your styling options in a practical and effective.


Going back to the characteristics of the short haircuts and scaled we can not but remember, once again, like short haircuts are scalable in different ways: for example you can try – as have some of the features of today’s photo gallery – to scale them only on the front, maybe going to climb a tuft that can make original and unique your hairstyle. Or, you can proceed to scale them more evenly, thus giving the impression of additional weight to any shape.


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Given the variety of alternatives that you can choose in your choice of cut short hair and scaled , our advice can only be to carry out the necessary simulations in the company of a good hairdresser who can direct you to the right path, and keep you far from simple mistakes that can be committed when you scale your hair.


Try therefore to understand what type of scaling It will go well for you, and whether they can be made of constructive changes to enhance some of the strengths of your face (not to mention that through a better scaling is also possible to proceed to conceal some weaknesses).

After that, our call for closure depth is once again to see our photo gallery today: you will certainly find some useful measurement bases in order to enrich your choice, and on which you could share what to do with your hairdresser, reaching the final goal of choosing the most appropriate hairstyle with your needs.

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