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Short hair and moved: photos and tips to treat them the best!

Who short hair and is generally at the mercy of a twofold evaluation: on the one hand tends to be known that those who have moved much hair can best manage grows a little ‘more, whereas in this case we extend the hairstyles (collected, and failed) to tame the hair; the other side is however also known that, generally, the short hair cuts have benefits in terms of care and washing. What to do, then, to improve the management of short and wavy hair?

As we have partially anticipated, cutting short hair and moved is more convenient than long, but no less in need of care (indeed!). If it can get down to the short length partial shelter from the risk of split ends, it is also true that the short hairstyle needs constant spuntatine to be able to keep cool.

An absolute truth that is combined with a ‘other “judgment” means any short hair cut and moved is different, and each must be studied on the basis of the shape of their face and hair type. If they are moved – for example – especially fine, likely to have a cut which gives more volume to the roots, in order to appear more full-bodied. The ideal – of course! – Is to study the cut with the help of your hairdresser, to arrive at a solution more “profitable” for your beauty. On this occasion it is highly likely that the hairdresser can share with you (if it does not, do so voluntarily shift the conversation on this topic) some advice in order to better maintain the geometry and hairstyles inspired.

With regard in particular washing, always choose products that are appropriate for the type of short hair and moved: do not forget to proceed with a nice balm, and a periodic mask that can feed them properly. Styling, do not use products too aggressive, but limit yourself to a nice mousse or gel to be applied with your hands, being the finish in a natural way. If you wish to proceed even in a coloring “autonomous”, the market will find many dyes that able to apply themselves with greater ease than the long, thanks to the limited size of the crown.

However, in the case above do some ‘attention: better that the application is always made by an expert hand. Finally, remember that with short hair and moved one must always take into account a monthly visit to the hairdresser, you can repeat lines and reference geometry.






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