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Short Hair 2015 – 2016


One thing is certain short hair are very popular among women including celebrities. When it comes to simple but elegant, with adorable fleece layers in the back and a little ‘long up front, graduated bob haircuts are an excellent option. The length gradation provides both the volume and a beautiful silhouette of your class bob cut. You can add extra length on the sides of the graduated hairstyle to create vibrant and sharp appearance. You can also have bangs with graduated style which will make a statement of your eyes. Graduated bob haircuts looks great on curly hair but would be suitable for smooth hair and moved too. You can get fashion and look with messy waves and graduated in style.

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In this gallery you will find the best examples of graduated bob haircuts . With these short bob styles you will get the stylish look you have always wanted. Check these beautiful haircuts now and get inspired!


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