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Short and long hairstyles

Get transformations from fresh short haircut to long hair. It sounds really fun, but it’s fun in a real life? We enter into the details of your life, when you get sexy short hairstyle. It ‘true that sort haircut is a trend of the season and as a true fashionista should have. It will definitely look hot and sexy and will definitely look good, but it does mean that you should always wear short hair? Do you like the prospects? If not, you should know how to grow your hair. You should understand that to get long hair in one night will only be possible with the help of hair extensions. It will take about six months to get medium hair, but before that you should play with the texture of the hair style grew.

Every time will be the new haircut because the hair grow out and you need to find a new way to wear it. Surely lose shape and hairstyle will be just a little reminder of what he had before. Do not lose your heart because you are closer to your dream of getting back long hair.

As soon as the length of the layers front has reached the length of the chin you can get bob haircut and so you’re going to have the hottest hairstyles of the season. Then your short bob will turn into long bob style that can already be pulled up at any hairstyle. This is the best part of growing your hair: if you do not have the desired length but you can have all the advantages of long hair. Second day and braids dirty can now be hidden with an up-do. It was once a dream for you, now is reality.

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