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Pixie cut & Co. the compass for your short hair!

From the ’50s to today, the success of short hair and cuts was unmistakable and lasting. And, despite the usual ups and downs for any type of cut, the pixie cut have been able to ensure ideal successes, becoming preferred by generations of women, always hunting look more gettonato and effect.


Over the decades, the stars around the world have focused on the pixie cut they are certainly not few. How forget Audrey Hepbrun, who did cut his long hair to impersonate Princess Anne in Roman Holiday? How Not to mention Twiggy, Mia Farrow or, more recently, Halle Berry, Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan, Linda Evangelista, Anne Hathaway?


However, as is the case for any hairstyle, also pixie cut must be adapted depending on the shape of their face . As we have repeatedly stated in these pages, women who have a particularly long face could use a nice short cut that is not too close to the head, but is lighter, almost disheveled and at the sides and at the nape. Rules that apply equally well in the event that the “defect” (if you can call it) is a particularly pointed chin.

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If your face is square, you should do a bit of attention to focus volume on top of the head, with locks that escape from cutting laterally, for a really cool effect. And if your face is round? In this case we must take refuge in the geometric, trying to recreate on your head some more rigid line, as a header graphic. The cut must also be very short lateral (also evaluate a nice sidecut) to lift the cheekbone and donate a larger volume to your face.


Finally, remember that the pixie cut must be refreshed every 40 days (if it spends more time you run the risk of losing the geometry conquered and the sense of balance) and pixie cut okay even if the hair was curly , in provided you have the favorite curly well. In this case, the pixie can also be a good strategy to try and eliminate the so unwelcome frizz.

We leave you now with a new photo gallery that we have had the pleasure to arrange for you and for all your beauty needs. Let us know what you think, and how did you find to wear a nice pixie!

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