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New shots with a lot of helmets in 2015 ready for you!

Let us return once again to talk about and bob with a nice collection of new images that we propose in order to evaluate a potential review of your style in the new season coming. A photo that will introduce you to numerous alternatives to be evaluated absolutely in order to further appreciate your beauty in these months of the year.

On the other hand, those who He knows us and law longest knows: the helmet is certainly one of the most elegant and versatile hairstyles of the year, and the ability to customize the bob on the basis of their needs, will give in the coming months a series of stylistic satisfaction!


Therefore, as stated above, we will submit a good set of alternatives that will allow you to approach with renewed awareness to a fine short bob or average: a cut that average will require a level of care and maintenance less than what can not happen at other headgear complex , and we are still confident that newspapers will make immediate and benefits to all women who choose to bet on this.

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With regard to these benefits, we remember how the same can be enjoyed both by people who have a face very slender and long (the bob will give more volume to the sides, giving the impression that the face is shorter of reality) and by the people who face larger (through proper sfilatura and elongation of the crown).


In short, take a careful look at the photo gallery that we offer today, talk to your hairdresser of trust and do not be afraid to experiment with any of your new styles: we are certain that in any case the result will be fine!


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