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Fashion short hair, new ideas for your winter beauty

A few weeks ago we announced such as short hair could rise to one of the styles most “in” for this year. It had also announced as the pixie cut & co. they also represented the coolest way to start a 2016 in which the short hair would certainly outshone any attempt to “replace” a trend that has been going on for several seasons.

Well, there seems to be the case, these days, to go over some of the features the most visible of the short hair , going to appreciate their versatility their beauty and flexible, allowing thus to all women who are interested in learning more, the understand why short hair, again in 2016 recently started, can rise to reference style by the hair of women.


To do so, as our habit, we can only advise you to consult the photo gallery that today we We are pleased to attach the following study, and that contains a brief extraction of some of the styles that beauty salons around the world have chosen as “favorite” when it comes to short hair.

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So, as will be easily understood by looking at the collection of photographs that we have reserved, the opportunities granted by the fashion short hair are not only numerous, but are also easily customizable, thus adapting the hair in short any kind of face and any age. A veritable treasure trove from which to take inspiration, at any time, to get to define your own unique style.


As also guessed, the short hair are not simply due to pixie cut bob or shorter. It is in fact a family extremely vibrant and diverse, which can draw on your tresses favorite effects, in full respect of the strengths of your face. There will be enough a little curiosity and a bit of willingness to explore new frontiers in order to arrive at a definition foliage bright, younger, sexy and saucy. Besides that, however obvious, easier to maintain than longer hair and structured!

That said, we wish you a good consultation of our photo gallery today: inside you will certainly find some ideas that will enrich your range of alternatives and, therefore, the sharing basis for a makeover more or less powerful to replicate with your hairdresser. Let us know what you think!


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