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Best short hair, new trends for January 2016!

December is not yet begun, but our look is already inclined to , the first month of a new year we want to live in the name of the best available hairstyle on runways around the world! So why not try to entertain some good expectation on the styles that will be, focusing on best short hair for the next year and, in particular, for the winter that is about to start?


If you – like us! – You can not help but take a look at the best haircuts of 2016 of the moment and the next future, we invite you to take a look at our photo gallery: a short extraction of some styles that seem to be pretty convincing for your needs of style, and which have already been used (and abused!) by celebrities around the world , always looking for the best as far as their look.


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As far short hair, the impression is that much will depend on the still short bob. The Bob can however be customized key 80s, with a clear look androgynous sensuality that can give a really enviable to all women who choose to wear it and to decline it carefully. Look especially to keep lengths on top and sides behind the ears, and the result will be very formidable.


If you love even shorter hair, you can bet on a cut boyish , with long tuft on the forehead – to bring possibly with a slight wet. Well, in January 2016, even a haircut pixie with punk-inspired, with fringe mini, French, or clump flashier. Shaves the sides can also be dare you, provided you calculate well the effect that such a move will have on the visual impact.

In short, the alternatives, also in January 2016, not shortage of. Because, in addition to the cuts mentioned above, you can well repeat the dozens of choices that we have already had occasion to formalize in recent months, and that in January will be the most popular. There remains, then, that this watch our umpteenth photo gallery dedicated to the short hair, and to wield scissors, comb and hairdryer by your hairdresser: the end result will undoubtedly sensational, and it may be modeled, day after day, based on your actual connotations of style and charm. What are you waiting for? Let us know how it went!


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