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Always short-Box Braids awake

Black Women is a unique type of hair, it is impressive, but it is quite complicated to take care of it. For that cuts of naturally curly hair are impressive, but they require a lot of attention and care and nerves. That’s why black women have developed series of surprising protective hairstyles that are not only fun, but also provide the calm and quiet life to the owners. Protective headgear as make it much easier your life and for a couple of months you can absolutely forget about hair styling. But that does not mean that such hairstyles for black women are boring and monotonous. The box styles can be developed in any modern popular hairstyles, also for cutting trendiest bob hair. In many cases, protective hairstyles suppose long twists and made of various extensions.

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However, the new hair trends 2016 introduce overwhelming security short hairstyles braids, which mainly consist of lob and Bob hairstyles that are in the mainstream these seasons. So if you have never tried wearing short braids before it’s about time you went for a cute bob.

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