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9 Pixie cuts short original and elegan 2015/2016

It also has another big advantage: can take away a few years Age! In fact, these with short hair Pixie also very courts have the quality to “camouflage” the lines of the face (the chin, for example) that, over the years tend to be less marked.

The cuts Pixie courts can donate your hair a flexible instrument for achieving and hairstyles vary at will , easily and without losing too much time. And all this in an and always very, lot fashionable! The cuts Pixie short haircuts are those who will never die!

1. Cutting Hayden Panettiere

hair very short and Pixie for the blonde Hayden Panettiere, recently back from the taglio daring of his long hair . Pixie with very short hair behind her ears and cutting glossy .

2. Pixie cuts short and asymmetric

This is a hairstyle with short hair while having delicate lines gives an impression of decision to the wearer . The whole is well balanced and “joins” softly the nape with the front of the face, which is well defined upwards by an asymmetrical fringe. The main feature of this Pixie is the freshness .

3. Pixie cuts short and straight

This cut of strong character is quite short and behind is long before. Contrary to the first that is combed upward This extends downwards and is strongly characterized by the length of the locks and fringe . We recommend it especially to those with thin hair (or medium) and smooth.

4. Pixie blond, fake disheveled

This time the short hair look unkempt, voluntarily of course. Spread over several levels or “layers” stands for the decision of scaling . To counter balance the “disheveled” asymmetrical fringe elegance gives a little ‘ more sober. In fact this blonde Pixie well suited to social occasions ..

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5. Very short hair blacks, Pixie “the boy”

In this case the Pixie” dares “a masculine cut and short hair , very scaled, add an air saucy at Pixie. The eyes are highlighted by a fringe that touches the top edge and the scaling add volume to the hairstyle. It goes well with various geometries of the face and is suitable for occasions “casual” than elegant.

6. Pixie short, asymmetrical, very blond. Fashion and character for Miley Cirus

A cut shaved on one side and a fringe that is poured on the other side , up nearly the height of the ear lobe. The asymmetry and the almost “ Aggressive ” are the masters, but the rest of the testimonial is the beautiful and irrequietissima Miley Cirus !

7. Pixie asymmetrical and jaunty

This cut is very structured by using many overlapping scaling on different layers. The edges of the short hair are characterized by jagged but what gives more character to this Pixie is the fringe really stretches itself on the front and on one side they merge with sideburns. Climbing much hair on top any hairstyle gains fullness .

8. Pixie very short and very messy

Again short hair are voluntarily “unkempt” and Pixie looks longer on top behind. The scaling slight give a touch of elegance flexible, suitable for many occasions.

9. Lots of character for this Pixie red crest

Here shaves are on both sides and let a specie of peak , but soft and full of volume , up. Definitely a hairstyle atypical and not easily “portable”, but those who can afford it will not pass unnoticed. The red “malpelo” contributes to the originality of hairdressing .

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