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5 cuts short blond hair selected for your autumn!

capelli-corti-biondi1 cortiebiondi capellicortibiondi-21112015-11 capellicortibiondi-21112015-8For many women there is nothing better than a beautiful short haircut . For many others, however, the best there is: a great short haircut and blonde to be customized depending on the season and your preference of the moment, without guaranteeing visibility of comparison!


Beyond your category, we today pleased to discover for you a series of 25 photographs that will enrich the panorama of your choices of short haircuts and blond , preparing in the best way for a winter season to live with the best look available!

Considering the variety of styles offered from this gallery, we are sure that you will find at least one look to your liking, to deepen and decline based on the actual style preferences and on the basis of visual features.


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That said, focus – of course – also on the color. The biondo It will offer infinite shades and different shades within which you will find what’s right for you: but if you do not know what to choose, an ideal proposal for the coming winter could be in the possibility of embracing a beautiful short hair cut and ash blonde!

Compared to other nuances that appear most suitable for the summer season, where the warm colors are all the rage, the and winter seem to be the ideal time to color his Head of a ash blond that will please your hairdressers and, above all, of all the women who will make the most of this style to conquer a new piece of charm!


The blond ash has the great advantage of being able to adapt to any type of hair: whether it be a smooth hair or foliage move, a very short or short verging on average, we are confident that the ash will guarantee the best joys. If the ash does not satisfy you, you can evaluate a platinum, a golden tending to bronde or Ronze and many other colors that have dominated the fashion runways in recent months.

Finally, one final note: for autumn – winter 2015/2016 (and in our opinion also very well) It is almost obliged to play on the nuances: therefore, abolished the idea to take a look too smooth, because you’ll run the risk of sounding terribly unfashionable …

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