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30 haircuts pixie be tested before spring!

Let’s go back again today to take care of the cut , a unique solution for all women who are looking for a nice taglio short hair , and that through a particularly short cut wishing to renew their impression seduction and femininity. From the ’50s to today, the success of pixie haircuts has indeed been a card to play to assert its appeal, and nothing forbids us to follow the fashions of the moment, dusting off old pixie styles and revising them in updated key .

Pixie cut, a charm that comes from afar


If the pixie cut – although with different evolutions – arrived early as we practically free, there must be a reason: the pixie cuts are in fact able to capture the collective imagination the impression of a strong woman, which might reiterate its aesthetics and its own determination, but without renouncing to look chic and sweet. You remember Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday? Or even Twiggy and Mia Farrow? And how to forget to Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway? Here, through the pixie hair … You should also be able to emulate the same charm!


Pixie cut: many versions for every taste!

Besides the obvious advantage of being able to highlight her beauty in almost uniquely, the pixie cut is also a hairstyle that can It is easily adapted according to the type of their face. It follows that women who have a particularly long face will get better through a short cut that is not too close to the head , while those who have square face should focus more efforts on the top of the head, with locks that escape from the cut to one side, for a very “effect.”

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And if yours is a nice round little face? Nothing better than to “fight it” (so to speak!) With geometry, going to recreate on your head some more rigid line, as a beautiful graphic base. We also suggest you find a nice very short cut to one side , in order to give the impression to lift the cheekbone and, therefore, give more volume to your face.

Stylish- Pixie-Cuts

pixie cut, never forget the hairdresser!

in conclusion of this short study, woe to forget the hair salon! The pixie cut should in fact be subject to frequent review: the more time passes, the greater the risk of it losing its original geometry, and the sense of overall balance. Although it is very difficult to make a generalization in this regard, our advice is to resort to the help of hairdresser at least 1 time every 30-40 days.

At this point there is nothing else to do but offer the new photo gallery today … what do you think?



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