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30 Best Scarlett Johansson Short Hair

We often look at our favorite celebrities, hoping that one day we can be like them. We look how they dress, what nails they have got, what they are wearing and what haircut do they have. They often are the idols of many people. That is exactly why people are copying them, in order so they can feel a little bit better about themselves. One of the biggest Hollywood star actress has really set the boundaries high with her elegant look. A lot of girls are dreaming to one day become like her, to have her face, to have her haircut, and to have her look in general. That is why today we are offering you to check out 30 Scarlett Johansson Hair ideas. Let us start off with the layered hair hairstyle. The sides are cut short, while on the top there are a lot of layers. This hairstyle gives you an edgy look. Now, let us move on to the wavy bob hairstyle. Pretty simple, however still looks amazing. Then we can move on to another bob hairstyle. It is the Short Red bob hairstyle with waves. The red color really spices things up, however, after all, it is just a simple hairstyle. Then we have the brown bob, which is really cute, since it is short and look beautiful with her green eyes. Let’s take a look at the pixie cut- this one of the neater hairstyles, which gives you an edgy look. Another neat one is the wonderful hair hairstyle. Then another shortcut is the sexy-hair hairstyle.

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