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25 cuts of fine short hair for 2016

Over the last few weeks we worked in very frequent way of the short haircuts , and by now you should have understood that this is one of our favorite . Well, now it is the way to go in this pleasant style path, going to discover new photographs that could form the right basis to inspire your hairlook in summer 2015 just started. A photo gallery that will support you in the fateful decision to give it a rest with your old look, guaranteeing revised styling, more fresh, cheeky, young, seductive, romantic . There seems little?

Of course, , as our photo gallery will well represent the choice of short haircuts is extremely varied, and can range from short and very short solution, with shaves almost extreme , unless the court solutions that maybe could please those who do not want to abandon the medium hair cuts. Equally of course, nothing will ban you improve your style and your charm through a change of hairstyles that today we propose within this photo gallery, thus helping to create or discover new hairstyles that can esaltare your strengths or – maybe – to conceal some small difettuccio.

Whatever your choice, you will soon realize how easy it is to try to modellare short hair, never forget that – once again – the winning key to your hairstyle is the possibility of being able to customize the style, thus allowing you to avoid copying slavishly a look too “common” .

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that said, there remains more to do than talk about favorite hairstyle with your hairdresser, and understand with him if it really is appropriate to move to a similar style or if, in contrast, it is better to look for some other good alternative.


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