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20 styles of short and straight hair to be tested right away!

and straight hair are definitely among the most popular trend among women who want to be able to appreciate your own uniquely personal style and sleek. The reasons are several: it is sufficient to recall, for example, as a smooth hair can actually give the impression of a chic and sobriety. Or maybe it’s also because – at least in part – Smooth is easier to maintain a short hair cut rather than a long hairstyle , except for the possibility of having a natural superliscio that will give you an immediate success (if you have this good fortune, well you can restrict yourself to a hairstyle parted in the middle to be the top of the charm!).

So what are the short haircuts coolest if you have straight hair? The pixie cut, first of all, it may well be counted among the trends of the moment. To make it happen will just give a look of their own attention to the shape of the face, and to all his strengths and weaknesses. Will thus simply need to structure a pixie structured so as to give the impression of an easy touch, playing with tufts and volumes so as to re-create in those who look at us the impression of a perfect oval.

the cutting short may also be adopted in an extremely versatile way of all the regular oval faces no particular concern: a face thus formed, in fact, there may well allow you to play a lot with geometry, lines, makeup, accessories, and so on.

If the pixie cut but does not convince you, you can still bet on a beautiful short bob. The Short bob will take us back to the 20s: the short and smooth bob , generally strict with low lateral lines to be able to give a light volume to a side of the head, it can be combined with a fringe, full and symmetrical or parade, depending on your preference.

If you wish to still have some additional advice, try to look at this collection of shots that we have selected for you: it is likely that within it you manage to find more than a few useful starting point to think about “your future “stylistic. Identified some basic idea to renew your hairlook and try to talk to your hairdresser, to adapt the cuts that you consider to be the most fascinating. The rest will come by itself: and do not forget to let us know how it turned out!



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