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20 short cuts to shoulder

Friends of CapelliStyle, here we are with a new appointment photo all to admire! Protagonists of our study are the short hair at shoulder , one of the hottest trends of the last years, well ready to re-launch at the end of this beautiful 2015.

In fact, although generally are covered in short hair of most fashion magazines, hair length behind should be included among the extensions “medium”, a kind of universal choice, basic and modern. But who is given this length of hair? And how to get the most out of it?

Let’s start with the remember that this length is well suited to all hair types, even those that appear a little full-bodied. The average length is also well suited to all types of face, because if the features are sharp will help to soften them, whereas if the traits are very sinuous, will help to exalt them. In addition, creating a volume at the shoulders, will help to minimize a strong chin.

All right, then? Not exactly, since as per cut-respecting, the hair at shoulder height have minor faults with which it would be good deal. For example, hair at shoulder height are difficult to style, as they are too short to be harvested, with the result that some strands will escape, unless it is fixed with the hairpins and hairspray. You can still help you with bands, headbands and small springs, and thus keep the order in the head.

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That said, our photo gallery will show you how the hair of medium length, or shoulder height, they can be taken in many ways, thus allowing to achieve a hair cut “right” for every type of face. The exercise that will be required will be of course to get an idea of ​​how they could “feel” the hairstyles on your face, and share any concerns with your hairdresser, who may also offer some useful advice alternative.

For example, to the end of 2015 could be a tempting idea to rediscover an average cut in line in the middle or to the side, and straight fringe. You can also play with full volumes and fluffy, then getting a natural look rather nice. then order any hairstyle with fluids and spray in small doses, not to miss the natural effect and just remembered … Happy testing!

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