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20 cuts pixie cut share: to each his own!

It’s easy to say cut “! A cut charming, cheeky, elegant, easily usable by women of all ages and can show off all hair types, from smooth to curly. In reality, however, the pixie cut is a world to be discovered, in which there are so many variations that it can not immediately be summarized in a few lines. Enough, however, to ask ourselves: how can I customize the pixie cut, So getting the best out of this look very relevant and significant appeal for young and old?


The answer, again, can only come from a solid foundation: carefully observe the characteristics of their face and try to understand what are the points of advantage “explore” and strengthen and, conversely, what are the small or large defects that would be rather better to try to conceal. A consideration that we would like to renew on this occasion, before I leave you with a new photo gallery that – presumably – will be able to enrich the range of your actual styling options.


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That said, if you have a particularly elongated face or heart-shaped, cutting pixie more suitable could be a short not too close to the head , but disheveled on both sides and at the nape. If you have a square face particularly, remember that you should try to focus the volume on the top of the head, perhaps appreciating all with locks that escape by cutting the sides of the face, softening any “sharp”. If your face is round … you should already know: we try to stretch the figure cut very short on the side (a little trick to lift the cheekbone) and give more volume to the face.


Finally, if your hair is curly, we have repeatedly said the pixie cut can be ideal to eliminate an annoying frizz, one of the most feared by all the women. With a short cut is, however, annul the risk of suffering from this unsightly effect, giving your face a youthful freshness and an unexpected!

We leave you now with our usual photo gallery: many ideas that we have the pleasure to submit in order to extend the range of your practical alternatives, and be able in this way to make it easier in finding a best pixie cut to show off in the coming months, in line with the trends” in “the time!

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