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15 short haircuts very chic for November!

You are always looking for a short haircut particularly trendy that it can guarantee the just satisfaction for this final part of ‘ year and, hopefully, lay the foundations for a revision of the look in the next year? We are here to fulfill your wishes and offer you a definitive answer to your needs of style (at least for now!).

In the photo gallery to succeed today in fact to identify a set of 15 short haircuts ch ic to be taken immediately, in , making you protagonists in the workplace or among your friends!


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Among the short haircuts, as will be easily identified by the shots that we got to offer during these months, the bob can only play a prominent role. Considering that the bob can be declined in thousands of ways depending on your specific capacities, we can only advise you to identify the bob for you along with a good hairdresser you trust, it can certainly make you choose the cut that best fits your face with the precision that this sort of aesthetic approach deserves.

Useful for all women who have a regular face, this cut can still be very well adapted also to outline more details, perhaps playing on the right scaling.

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