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15 new short haircuts and blacks all for you!

Are you looking for new ideas to revitalize your hair short and black ? Do not worry: even today we return to enrich your opportunity of choice with many alternatives prepared especially for you, in order to renew and further develop your approach to the short haircuts.

A photo with 15 great shots that will present many trend by experiencing the very last part of the summer, or with whom as great in the sight of an equally spectacular autumn!

In fact, as will be easily identifiable through our photo gallery of today, the group of shots that we have prepared for you we can help you understand when and how the short hair and blackscan help to improve your hairstyle and your overall look, primary reliance on a due synergy with the features of your face.

Taking a look at these shots you will also realize how wide the alternative of choice, and how the various trends more in vogue in 2015. How many times you have repeated in recent months, for example, you could bet on bob smooth climbed, a great style that foresees a reduction of the thickness of the foliage, thus favoring lighter and more harmonious development.

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Among the other alternatives that we would like to advise you, also we stand out beautiful fringe trimmed, possibly to comb forward and smooth to catch attention on your eyes, guaranteeing a success among friends, colleagues and partners!

Finally, as regards the length of your new short haircut and blacks, not afraid to delve trials, in the company of an image consultant who can help you select the best alternative . For example, you evaluate the length to chin (perhaps even with smooth fringe on one side), or even a shorter cut, especially if you have to take advantage of a perfect oval face. A greater length could instead make up the more plump face, which would require a proper impression of elongation.



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