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Casual chic style with Douglas Booth Hairstyles 2015

British cool guy actor is a guy whose name began to rise when he starred in the drama series of the BBC Channel. His name became even more popular when he played a role in a movie called LOL with Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene. Booth, a boy born in 1992 has a mode that is commendable style that make it a success to be a model lookbook and campaign Burberry in 2010.

Booth which is a mixture look casual smart and attractive in all cases where he attended. Or combined leather jacket with a t-shit dark, or civilian, combined with a parachute and jeans jacket, Booth often able and displays a chic and casual style that seem simple. Booth, who is also the fashion world, capable of combining simple, casual style and in compliance with the guy his age.

One of the interesting combination that has been shown Booth is a mixture of leather jackets, jeans, boots and a white t-shirt. The combination can be adopted by the guy you want to accentuate body posture and attractive and sporty casual look. There is also a combination that combines navy suit, white shirt, and black shoes. This combination gives the impression of elegance and classic, while maintaining the casual side.

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Booth Mode is the size of the clothes that fit with the body, as well as mixing colors that tend to be darker. The combination may increase the male figure of the actor. Booth itself figure is someone who is always looking for a good inspiration from classical to modern models to produce the appearance of a simple but still relaxed and enjoyed by the public.

For the hairstyles of business, Douglas Booth often displays the neat hair style, color and long blonde. Booth displays sometimes messy hair style without cleavage and a time display smooth hairstyle with the hair style to look kebelakang.apapun Booth retains the casual and smart style.


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