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59 Sexy Man Bun Hairstyles You Need to Try Immediately

The man bun is more popular than ever and we are even starting to see it making appearances oi the runway and even the red carpet. An article in GQ suggested that the man bun was the “final frontier of grooming.” That’s pretty cool and it just goes to show how popular the style really is. Brad Pitt and Jared Leto have been rocking the man bun and have made it even more popular. That’s all you is someone famous to wear a style and suddenly it’s popular all over again.

If you are unsure of what a man bun consists of let us remind you that it’s just like the female bun but on a man. It’s worn on the crown of the head or even at the nape of the neck, that’s all in your preference. You pull your hair into a simple ponytail and then twist it into the traditional bun style. There are many modern ways of wearing the style as well if you are looking for something edgier.

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