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44 Sexy Hairstyles For Older Men

Your changing hairline and salt and pepper doesn’t have to be a bad thing by any means. In fact, it might even play to your advantage with these 44 hairstyles that look best on men.

Slicked-Back Widow’s Peak

Slicking your hair back can make you look more distinguished. It’s also one way to manage medium-texture hair. Don’t try to slick long pieces over shiny scalp. If you have a bald spot that isn’t well covered by the hair you do have, go for a different hairstyle altogether. If your hair is too fine, slicking it back could make it look thinner. Men who don’t like the feel of stiff gel can try using a pomade to create this wet look.

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Messy Caesar

The Caesar haircut brings the front layers down over the forehead. However, those pieces are too short to be called bangs. Keep them from looking too blunt and straight across by mussing up your hair with some clay or putty. Having the ends cut with a razor or vertically with scissors will also prevent your hair from creating a line across your forehead.

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