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Winged Hair: the best cuts for 2015-2016

Among the major trends that will mark the fall and winter, there are sure to be haircuts scaled . The “new woman” will need hairstyles helpful but at the same time able to reflect their way of being. The long hair graduated appear for the moment to be at the top of the index index, whether straight or curly.

In particular, women who have a hair more “lively” feel the need to give a nice bicycle kick. Can give vent to their creativity, or rather, let the hairdresser to do it for them, so they can find the best haircut ever according to the needs and the way you see the style. You can give great prominence to the foliage, without having to twist. Yes, it looks like the look of this year do not want to overdo it, keeping well away from offbeat .

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: Let’s cut his hair!


Yes, 2015 seems to suggest a particularly cautious approach towards new trends addressed all’hairstyle. The scaling read and think about the invisible seeds best hair fashion have primarily intended to give tone to the hair, taking away the heaviness and volume when needed, and giving prominence to their face by a lightening of the foliage. Obviously this is not an unwritten law, but only a guideline. In some cases, in fact, when circumstances require, the hair graduated have the privilege of getting the opposite result: to give volume. The general inspiration, however, is quite clear: the hair stylist made plunder of the fashions of the ’70s, giving the hair graduated an extremely fashion, without giving too much attention.

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