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Trendy Crochet Braids for Black Women

“How do box ” question seems to lose his way, now that we in new fashion natural hairstyles for black women – braids crochet. Recently many designers refer to this new trend, but not all of us already know what braids crochet are and how to style them. Here we explain a bit ‘on this unique style sock that nothing like braids. In fact, braids crochet are just some hair extensions attached to your natural hair, more precisely it is woven crochet at the base on the scalp. But do not be afraid. These tresses are curly glamor attached to your natural hair quite easily, simply hook latch and braids on the head to create popular hairstyles black.


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I must say that these protective hairstyles were popular in the 90’s , and African American women all-around wearing long curly hair, but the difference between the modern versions and older is evident. The new hair extensions are of much better quality, and techniques to weave have undergone evolution, so that the result that you will now be truly amazing and very natural.

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