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Short hair, new style to try to end the year!

With the approach of the new , many women feel the need to change own short hair style , approaching a new design approach that can better satisfy their beauty and personality. It is therefore not a case that the work “in progress” for hairstyling salons are very intense in this period, thanks to the approach of a peak holiday that exposes women to the possibility to show off their own interpretations of short hair on several occasions more or less mundane. But how is it possible today to be able to reward its own charm and thus detect a look of short hair that may be good for the end of the year and the beginning of the next one?


As is easily understood, the opportunities that are granted by the fashion short hair contemporary are so many. For example, a touch of class there may be donated by the bob, a traditional cut which, however, may well be adapted to all types of facial and all types of structures of the hair. Easy to manage, highly customizable, it can be cut easily and timeless rivisitabile, week after week.


If you love the lengths of varying length bob, you can instead opt for a pixie rather jaunty, who can draw on your hair a touch of glamor higher than that applied in the past. Ideal for women who have an oval face and balanced, your hairdresser will certainly not hard to adapt this style of short hair on faces even more uneven playing on the freshness of the volumes tufts and fringes.

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About fringe, keep in mind that even in this part of the year this style element will continue to characterize many approaches from women who want a personal look and impressive. The fringe can be worn very short, French, or longer, thus creating a contrast with the rest of the short hair with regard to the length.


Finally, remember that there is a short haircut that can meet all the women, and that therefore the solution to find the right look can only pass through careful consideration of the features of your face, your hair and the impression you want to give the outside, consistent with what is your personality and your character.

If we want to enrich your opportunity of choice, check out the photo gallery that below we have chosen to share with you: many look of short hair, ready to use!


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