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Short Hair mischievous, how to choose the best look

Several times on our website we talked about how the main trends on short hair is to link its appearance to quite perky . As a result, the short hair on the head of any woman should relate with a touch of lightness and dynamism that can make lighter the overall visual impression, together with the customary respect for the characteristics of the face, neck and shoulders. In short, for this magical part of the year, the short hair jaunty green light, and those cuts that are able to enhance a sense of “easy” that should also characterize the entire outfit.


As will be well known to all the women who have spent more time with us over the past months, if the trend of this and the next season will be to determine a sense of verve and lightness on the head, it is also good to remember that there is no single look can “fit” of all the tresses. And that, fortunately, short hair jaunty can be easily matched to any type of hair and hair. But first things first.


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As for the colors, our advice is certainly to make small changes in their visual impression going to embrace tones coolest, which consistently refer to the feeling faded. Woe therefore to flatten their look of shades too homogeneous and rigid: very best to raise many opportunities to staining and discoloration that in recent months we have had the opportunity (we have devoted endless focus on sweeping & amp; Co.).


As for the cut capelli short , you should get closer to the next day by taking a look very easy to comb and recreate: it could be the perfect game with tufts and with other elements of landscaping that can give you an effect “fake disheveled”. A look certainly no more original, but always able to give the right weight for these days of festivities.

Finally, remember that the goal of your revision of style will be to create the best feeling Oval on your face. So, try to play with volumes and tufts so as to adjust the width and length of the cut where it is needed. And do not forget to confide with your hairdresser: he is the professional who will certainly point you in the right path, going to find and share with you the next hairstyle with which usher in the New Year!


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