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Medium hair, so many choices at your scissors!

Select the medium hair as length your next look may be one of the paths of the most valuable and most well-chosen style for the new year just begun. And although several times on our website we focused on the ends (long and short) you should never forget how the hair medium represent a preferred choice by all Italian women (and others) that aim to characterize their hair in modern and contemporary art, taking advantage of the thousands of alternatives that only the intermediate length can offer.


But, considering how valid the above, how it is now possible to navigate in the wide selection of hairstyles for medium hair easy disposal of all those who want to “turn” in their style?

cut- hair-medium-scaled

As always, it is very difficult to try to make a complete synthesis of all major alternative choice that arise before the woman who wants to change style. The starting point for an assessment of your next haircut, however, could mean since long bob, cutting average (slightly long) that duplicates the classic bob “stretched” to shoulder height.

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long bob has been cut very popular during 2015 – and even before – and we are confident that will recur with great satisfaction even in the age to come, thanks to the push by women more profuse in view of the world, who have chosen the long bob their current favorite hair style.

In turn, as appears to be easily understood, the long bob can be declined in ways, and the choice can only fall primarily on women’s preference and their visual characteristics. You can for example opt for a long bob particularly bulky, or even a long bob with effect disheveled, that both will go to fashion in the coming months, under the clear call “easy” which can give the wearer.


The long bob can also be brought liscissimo, with a line to the side and a tuft at eye finalized and enhance the look. You can also choose the line in the middle, very romantic, ensuring a natural wavy effect.

As for the color try to direct you to a trendy color, further away from tone TV and too homogeneous. But, we are confident, also with regard to this kind of hairstyle, your hairdresser will certainly direct you to the most appropriate choice for your beauty needs!


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