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Hairdressing medium hair: the coolest for 2016

L ‘hairstyle will not do the part of the appearance in this winter. The first data ( more ” walkways” around the world ) speak clear: the average hair, in all their forms and coloring of hair style will make for this end of 2015 and throughout the winter , the lion’s share!

the best pictures of the best hairstyles!

If follow our advice and you redo our beautiful photographs, you will find the as half measures are not and will never be a must as this season . You like to change your look? Do you think your medium hair are not worthy of attention? Well: changed your look without upheavals , try our proposals for medium hair cuts for this wonderful s trendyssimo winter 2015/2016 and will not regret it!

The hairstyle medium hair is easier to manage

the average hair is much more manageable than the extra short cuts or extra long , because these are not just highly suited to all of them . The medium hair cuts, however, are very feminine anyway , have a great portability, married almost every face and lend themselves to numerous reinterpretations of their look , potendoli change from day to day .

Then , we convinced you? Well, if the cutting medium hair meets your taste, you lead by the hand, below, to find out the more attractive proposals for medium hair cuts for this winter already begun, but still long die, the famous hairstylist Mob Salons, Dessange Paris, Cebado, Carlos Valiente, Camille Albane and many, many others.

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thrust reduction in volumes with a very light color for this cut of medium hair from the soft tuft which offers a romantic setting to the face.

 cutting medium hair

bright and sparkling colors for a fantastic hairstyle for medium hair Camille Albane with super soft curl.

cutting medium hair

Irregularly moved and a ‘ aura “grunge” typical of the nineties for this hairstyle brown medium hair. Wearable.
 cutting medium hair

Hairstyle medium hair between moves and more voluminous, in which the platinum blonde gives emphasis, giving character to the face. Sexyssima.

 Irregularly moved and aura

the geometric cuts with fringes acquire full charm when combined with absolute smooth and illuminated by some slight splash of color. cutting medium hair

So much volume in medium hair quest’acconciatura very ready for 2016, but also asymmetric, with platinum blonde. Futurissimo.
 cutting medium hair

beautiful red Great, well shaded, for the bob a bit ‘choppy. Trendyssimo.

 cutting medium hair

Red copper for this modern-short. We are already in 2016!

 cutting medium hair

, smooth and naturally these disheveled red hair!

 cutting medium hair

Even this cut, very basic and textured, draws heavily on the legendary grunge ninety!

 cutting medium hair

middle Line, warm colors and middle unbalanced forward cut: very short, although with so much volume behind, much longer than before. Be assured that in 2016 spopolerà!

 cutting medium hair

mid cut elegantly simple, fresh and modern with a HUGE clump in front!

cutting medium hair

Then: satisfied? The mean look now there seems less sad and obsolete? We had no doubts. A tip: for your medium hair cut to show off this winter, printed and brought from your hairstyllist one of these images representing the cut that suits you, or even more than one. Choose together with your trusted hairdresser cutting and, possibly, the color that will open doors for a great new year!

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