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Cutting short of the year-end, 10 ideas of beauty for December!

Although it is not certainly a cutting and a ‘ hairstyle of recent “invention”, the is one of the most popular hair styles and envied by all women who decide to approach to a new look very sensual and romantic, which can be easily handled every day with a few brush strokes.

The above must not deceive you: the fact that the cut short be easily combed and domesticated is not certainly mean that this kind of hair has not, in its good forces, the ability to allow the woman who wears it the chance to show off incredible added value in terms of versatility and customization.


Beyond that, we can not emphasize how the short cut is certainly one of the hairstyles more advisable to experiment with many variations without ever straying from its main style, and thus demonstrating how the Bob cuts can be a fresh look easily adaptable to any need, but not to lose value and the original charm of the woman who chooses to embrace it so convinced.


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Remember, just as naturally, that the short cut is also a matter of great personality and great style statement . A kind of business card that you can show off at any time, and that will – among other consequences – to make your face even more recognizable and even more under the magnifying glass of style and contemporary fashion.

These developments mean that The short cut must be carefully tailored to the specific characteristics of your face: becoming a cut often minimal, in fact, be able to focus all attention on your eyes or on your cheekbones, then esponendovi the risk of getting the exaltation of minor faults if your face is not exactly linear and sinuous.


We leave you therefore with a new gallery with 10 short cuts and bob that we are pleased to submit, and we invite you to use as a base to try and evaluative approach to a new style at the . Once the look that might apply to you, talk to a good hairdresser to try to understand if there may be – or not – of the need to arrange the best hairstyle of the different volumes, colors, and so on.


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