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Curly, the fashions at the top for the winter 2016!

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One man pretends budgets, some make precisions. But one thing is certain: the time of year we are experiencing these days is “magic”, and allows us to look with greater creativity in the coming months, when off a nice cut of curly hair will well-invigorate your charm and your expectations of beauty. But how to make your hair even brighter and more attractive? How to show off the excellent curly hair Winter 2016 , without running the risk of going out of the path traced by the most obvious trends of the season?

Actually, although the range of proposals it is very wide, it is easy to get lost among the trends most “in” the next few weeks. As do other non-curly hair, in fact, in the of 2016 to win will always be the natural effect and “disheveled”. So, if you have the curly hair, you can make the greatest protagonists of the next season looking to create a beautiful effect disheveled that will give the right volume and the right light to your look. Recreate it is indeed very simple and, in most cases, there will not even be required to weigh down the hair with special products for the finish and styling.


So, as established above, val definitely worth draw some trend path in order to orient well in the mode curly 2016 . Starting, perhaps, from the choice of Jean Louis David, which provides for the prossima season curly hair sensual and well defined, that are dropped loose on the shoulders and back, with a waterfall effect. If your curls are still quite rebellious, you can hardly help but be taken of the specific products: in the market there are many treatments for this type of hair, and it will not be the daunting task of finding what is best for himself.


WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - MARCH 02 : Actress Zooey Deschanel arrives for the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter on March 2, 2014 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Mark Sullivan / WireImage)





The curly hairstyles different packages for 2016

Of course, if you do not have an exaggerated volume into your hair and, indeed, you have very short hair, no fear: the mode curly 2016 are certainly its most extreme lengths of the sun, indeed. Many hairstylists have revived very valid offers for the pixie cut curly , a mode of dressing the hair which was much loved by celebrities in recent years, and which we believe will be revived with particular conviction even in the winter of 2016: a short cut and in constant motion, which will give you a touch of greater youth , carefree, personality. Try it!


 cuts short hair curly






And if you have the curly naturali? Again, do not worry, considering that the possibility to recreate a pleasant effect on your hair curly is no shortage of (indeed!). A practice opportunity is to resort to curling irons available on the market: there are models very easy to use, and with athermal handle to give the final goodbye to sunburn. For a voluminous look you can still use the classic and traditional curlers, not one exclusive grandmothers! Are marketed in curlers self-heating that will give you a perfect look at home: more adjustable size, they can give you a few minutes a nice blur or a nice curly, depending on your preferences.



So, how to act in the coming months in order to show off a look curly hair that does not disappoint? In the light of the considerations made, and in light of what we have had occasion to say in recent months with the many insights we pleasantly chosen to devote to curly hair, we reiterate once again that the effect disheveled is certainly the most eligible as protagonist during winter 2016.

And the fact that the effect can be the disheveled trend in the coming months should be able to make your happiness: this effect is indeed very easily recreated, and in some cases you’ll have to just do anything. And if you want an innovative and very fashionable to recreate moved pleasant, you can try the tousled bed-Head. Ie, pinning the hair into some soft torchon and sleep on it. The effect messed naturally be guaranteed, and made no effort (or, better, with a good and sound sleep!).




However, in order to increase the range of possibilities granted to you by these weeks “test” with a view to 2016, we are pleased to submit a new gallery with 30 ideas for curly hair you can show off in the next few months. It is in traditional and more creative, we want to offer in order to provide a solid foundation on which to try to build a look specifically for your needs year-end, and beyond.

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