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20 Wavy Hairstyles Summer Waves for your short locks

Nothing says casual as bouncing waves . With the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin, the natural beauty is what is all about. Some are fortunate enough to have naturally hair, but most of us do not. Fortunately, it is easy to reach and there is a lot of variety to explore. From thick curls barely there the waves, you are sure to find a look you like in this collection. So throw on your favorite dress, do your hair up, and get ready to hit the town.

1. curls thickness

 Thick curls Often Curls / via

These cute curls bounce are just the thing for a day in the city. Bonus? You will not need to change your hair for a night or out!

2. Side Swept

 Side Swept Waves Side Swept Waves

Sienna Miller rocks these side swept waves. They are both feminine and edgy, a perfect combination to show the soft hips and rebellious!

3. Playful Bounce

 Playful Bounce Playful Bounce / via

Say yes to the mark! Admit it, the moisture will do if you do not. It might even embrace him and make it work for you!

4. Blunt Bangs With a twist

 Blunt Bangs with a twist Blunt Bangs with a twist / via

casual and elegant, this beautiful appearance gives any face look young and jubilant.

5. To Wired

 Waves Wired Waves Wired / via

energetic and full of glow of summer, these waves are perfect for the beach.

6. Bold and deliberate

 Bold and Bold and deliberate / via

Often, bold bangs and waves perfect ringlet are sure to make a fashion statement to your friends.

7. Gently Framed

 Sweetly Framed

This cute wavy bob is extremely flattering on round faces.

8. Coincidentally rap

 Coincidentally Rap

This is the definition of natural beauty. You’re on the right track with this look that-just-rolled-out-of-bed.

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9. The waves voluminous

 The waves voluminous

Turn on the volume with this sleek and silky.

10. Barely There Twists

 Barely There twists

Less is more in the case of these twists beautiful.

11. Splendid Fringe

 Superb Fringe Gorgeous Fringe

‘fringe without being rickety! This is a playful and elegant look great for anyone.

12. Chic short

 Chic Short Chic

This cut is stylish European inspired to say the least. This does not mean that you can not boost it up with some red lips and a dress rocking!

13. Elegant curly

 curls elegant elegant curls

Similarly elegant, these wavy curls are just the thing for any form of heart in the face out there!

14. Cute and wavy

size-full wp-image-8996 Cute and corrugated

Stay cool and relaxed, with this cut adorable and sexy!

15. Waves curled

 Waves curled Waves curled / v ia

For a more bohemian inspired style, this is your going to look!

16. Sleek Updo

 Sleek Updo Sleek Updo / via

Who said your waves need to hang loose? The charming vintage 60s updo is sure to get some looks.

17. Centre Part Waves

 center Part Waves Center the Waves / via

Classic and modern, not everyone can pull off a central part. But those of us who can, should swing it!

18. Hollywood Chic

 Hollywood Chic Hollywood Chic

Getting captivate this golden age of Hollywood look!

19. Summer Love

 Summer Loving Summer Loving / via

Casual and completely carefree, what better way is there to spend your summer?

20. Finger Wave Bangs

 Finger wave Bangs



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