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20 looks to give a new shine to your hair short

Several times on our site, we focused on a” big “truth It is often overlooked by women who are afraid to cut their long hair : also on the hair can adopt modern colors and discolorations. And although less extensive length of short hair (compared to medium or long) can effectively flatten the color giving less room for the possibility of applying reasonably shatush & amp; co., and it is also true that short hair can benefit more than others from some techniques – we are sure! – Will a new life to your look. Some examples?


Please take a look at the photo gallery that today we have chosen to share with you. It shows dozens of photographs of women who proudly wear short hair, and that through the hair Short – and a careful hand of their hairdresser! – Were able to gain very significant added value in terms of brightness, discoloration through the hip.


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So, whether it’s brown hair or blond, blacks or red, straight or curly, slightly wavy or very dynamic, nothing changes: the short hair may well give you a picture of great movement and brightness, allowing all’interna figure to benefit from it, and in the face of acquire a “light” new and attractive.

The above leads us, once again, to confirm what we are proposing for several months on these pages, and today we want to reaffirm: short hair ( but the same goes for long) should not be colored on one tone, flat and too homogeneous, but instead will have to be renewed by the use of techniques to make a greater panache all’hairstyle , maybe just focusing on making some strands are brighter than others.


That said, we can do is advise you to look at our outstanding photo gallery today. You will find it in dozens of shots that may be able to provide a ready base of application for the feedback of every day and, perhaps, for some effective sharing with your hairdresser. Since the techniques of “enlightenment” of the hair very beautiful and discreet, we are certain that all women will have the opportunity to easily benefit from enriching their look in a clear and unambiguous. Think therefore how to further appreciate your base color, and how you can make brighter your figure!

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