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20 Dazzling Red Hairstyles

A few years ago I had a choice to make: my long locks cut short or red dye. I was ready for a change and I decided to do one or the other. In the end, I cut my hair short. Now, as my hair grew and more and more people are dying red hair, I wonder if it’s time to explore my second option. Red hair is vibrant and dazzling. It is the life of the room and a style statement defined. What better time to try something new, in the summer? What do you say? Are you thinking of going red?

1. Soft Pixie

 Soft Pixie soft Pixie / via

This soft red pixie is stylish and funky.

2. Layered Pixie

 Layered Pixie Layered Pixie / via

showcasing the various tones of your hair red with this layered look.

3. Curly Bob

width" Curly Bob / via

A curly bob playful can be both flattering and sultry, depending on your mood.

4. Sleek Bob

width" Sleek Bob / via

more elegant if you want all the attention to be on your fabulous new color.

5. Edgy Undercut

 Edgy Drain Edgy Exhaust / via

Nothing will make your hairstyle like this will undercut sharp!

6. Framed Bob

width" Bob Framed / via

Elegant and impeccable framed, this cut is vibrant and glamorous.

7. Feathered Bob

width" Feathered Bob / via

Get funky with some twists and flips!

8. Layered Bob

width" Layered Bob / via

Simple and effective, this bob glamorous shows off the wide shade of color in this aspect.

9. Short Shag

 Short Shag short Shag / via

vibrant and a bit ‘on the wild side, this look if perfect for those looking to have fun!

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10. Precise Pixie

 Precise Pixie Precise Pixie / via

Simple and precise, this look is more subtle, but just as beautiful.

11. Sweeping Pixie

 sweep Pixie Sweeping Pixie / via

Modern and innovative, this look retains a softness that enhances both femininity.

12. Adorable Bob

 Adorable Bob adorable Bob / via

What’s not to love an adorable bob like this? And ‘the perfect look!

13. Wavy Bob

width" Bob wavy / via

Seduce competition in a wavy bob that just sings.

14. Twisted Bob

width" Twisted Bob / via

loop to achieve a sense of natural beauty, this aspect is gorgeous.

15. Curled Bob

width" Bob curled / via

As such, this edgy look screams in a way the last coming NO.

16. Elegant Bob

 Elegant Bob Elegant Bob / via

Joanie men and women wiped their feet on Mad Men . It’s no surprise the actress who played her screen that has power off as well.

17. Edgy Bob

width" Edgy Bob / via

Sharp and undeniably beautiful, this is a fashionable look.

18. Blunt Fringe

 Blunt Fringe Blunt Fringe / via

Unique in comparison to most, this chic look is soft and flattering.

19. Rocking Pixie

 Rocking Pixie Rocking Pixie / via

bright and playful, who would not want to rock a pixie like this?

20. Swept Pixie

 Swept Pixie Swept Pixie / via

Rihanna graces us with a cut insanely red which is absolutely amazing.

21, Messy Pixie

width" Messy Pixie / via



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