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12 photos to discover the sombre bronde

Over the past few months has gained a strong reputation of the bronde , a kind of “evolution” of the bronde, , which had long been identified as one of the trends of the moment. In this case it is a fusion of the shades of brown and blond, that is enriched by the presence of extremely natural shades, and from the application of specific products that can help in the concrete to achieve a good final result.


The goal of hairstylists who are applying this technique is a nice game of contrasts frumati that can ensure a particularly glamorous and intense light effect.


With a style similar efficacy, the bronde sombre appears to be well adapted to any hairstyle, but especially to those who can claim the bases darker or brown, compared to the more clear. The color arising will typically Mediterranean, and can be suitably used, in this autumn – winter, to try to warm up the basics darker. However, the extreme personalization of this style makes it ideal to be able to have a comfortable approach to multiple tones.

Because of these properties – and more! – bronde sombre appears to be ideal to be able to distinguish the style of autumn – winter season, although there is no doubt that the top can be reached during the next spring, when it will be declined in many color options.

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Of course, since the harmonization of brown and blond, the contrast will be very nuanced and bright, but at the same time very natural.

If you wish to learn more, try to view our photo gallery today: inside you will find dozens of styles that you should adopt effective and, of course, to check in advance to try to understand whether it can be or not be for you.


The conditions of the bronde sombre also seem to be in principle those of the bronde , that several times we were able to unravel on these pages. Therefore, unleashing the characterizations on medium or long hair (on short hair will be more attention paid instead), and yet the customizations on the nuances and different shades that you can embrace with conviction.

We advise you to consult our photo gallery today, where you will certainly find the most valid ideas to start an argument about how effective it is better to do to get close to this innovative method of characterization of your hair. Delicate, natural shades, for the well being of your hair and your style!

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