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Shatush addiction: reflections much more natural

Well, we intend to hairstyles and dyes is very simple: they are all victims of the new disease that runs for hairdressers and styilist the hair, the shatush !

addiction: What is it?

‘The must of the current trend for the colors of hair , to ban old streaks : with the addiction shatush your hair and lightening reflexes will have natural . shatush addiction

Shatush addiction: as you get and when born

It ‘a methodology that was born in the sixties by the hair stylist New York and Hollywood, and that some years ago he had a raise by the famous hair stylist Aldo Coppola . The shatush addiction is a type of bleaching by the gradual effects not too defined applied only on the ends of hair : you get with a deconstruction of color and nuance so that it can appear as soft and natural as possible .

 shatush addiction

Shatush addiction: how to realize  shatush addiction

In order to get a perfect addiction shatush the foliage is the divided into sections and the substance is applied to discolour only on the locks that have supported a rigorous process of combing , starting with an effect much more nuanced toward the root, intensifying it gradually you get closer to the tip of the hair .

 shatush addiction

What is the difference between a shatush addiction well done and the other is just the cotonatura if perfectly performed by the reflected an uneven distribution, then with a less clear, as if the hair had been lightened naturally by the rays of the sun.

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Some time ago the shatush addiction it is reserved only to and blonde-haired women as well the result always seemed very natural. More recently, however, it has been a request of such proportions that it is therefore developed a technique that allowed to women by the hair to have that , roots and clear growth areas darker who once considered himself absolutely inelegant if not sloppy.  shatush addiction

What should I know before I make a shatush addiction?

Remember that the shatush addiction is not a coloring specific , then you can opt for a specific shade, but substances act on the hair according to the pigment base that is present on the same .

If your hair is dark, exposed to the sun, have reflexes copper , that’s the shatush addiction will emphasize precisely these nuances AUBURN , but if you have the ash-colored hair, the shatush addiction will have shades of blond .

Thanks to this methodology may lighten the hair starting from one up to three tones with a treatment of ¼ of an hour, or, at most, of four tones by extending the treatment up to ½ hour. Our advice is still making gradual lightening because otherwise the hair will weaken and wear themselves out too .

The shatush addiction: the advantages  shatush addiction

The first of the advantages of shatush addiction than other methods of lightening it is the naturalness of the final , and does not require further adjustments and, contrary to what happens with the shots sunny, do not have the ugly and unpleasant problem of regrowth .

There is no contraindication for any type of hair application of shatush addiction, the only thing to always keep in mind is that it is essential the use of high quality products , is that the treatment takes place in their home, whether it takes place in a hall of a hair stylist.


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