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Pixie cut, new trends fall winter 2015-2016

Taking a look at major beauty salons, one thing seems certain: in the field of short haircuts , the trend seems to be intended to tack to the very short. Already in the limelight for several years, the cut will become increasingly short style a priority during the current autumn – 2015-2016, giving all women who choose to .. .darci a cut, an indisputable element of fascination and appreciation. But how to approach this “world” style?


The first step is probably to overcome some minor difficulties of analysis. Woe to think that short cuts are unfeminine. And woe to think that the short cuts can not prove sufficiently versatile: with lengths varying length in fact able to give you many different looks to show off depending on the mood or the occasion. It is enough to finish a product ad hoc, and a bit ‘of creativity, to give you a thousand facets, day after day.


As for the items of greatest value, a point of reference is of course represented by the Fringe , which in the fall – winter 2015-2016 will be raised very short, French, or alternatively very long, until they touch the eyebrows, and accompanied by a book “full”.

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As can be imagined, and as repeated on these pages at thousands of in-depth, the watchword will still be searching for the right declination based on the shape of the face and its volumes, based on the nature and needs of those who wear the pixie. Try therefore to customize the look on you, making it all the more natural and graceful as possible.


After that, there will be so convinced that embrace one of the many tagli hair Short that fashions in recent months have provided. By helmets chic cuts ultra short bob by the crop , you will certainly be able to win an incredible appeal! There remains, then, that refer to our photo gallery, where you can find many short haircuts and cropped to every season (and especially this fall season!) And choose the ones that, in your opinion, could be paths style more advisable.

Talk to the hairdresser and see whether it is possible or not, arrange them in an even more personalized and declined. The rest will follow: easy maintenance and a little tweaking monthly guarantee an endless success!


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