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Many wonderful ideas for long hair wavy

We invite you to recover your curling or the plate – the one to create waves, such as those of Belen Rodriguez, for example – and fun to create new and different styles of long hair, suitable for any time of year.

 long wavy hair

The hairstyles of long hair moved are very versatile and easily adaptable to different face shapes. Dates, then a look at our new gallery and take inspiration from these long, wavy hairstyles .

waves and moves, here are some ideas for beautiful long hair wavy

If it is known that the wavy hair and long are well adapted to each personality, the fact remains that you need to put a little ‘attention to the style you want to recreate, as it must be one that suits their image.

Volume lively

large curls falling softly in soft waves.


How to recreate them:

After shampooing your hair dry and apply a specific product for wavy hair . Divide your hair into two sections (from the ears up) and fasten the top section to the top of the head. With a curling iron off curled all the hair of the lower section, and thereafter proceed the same way with the top section of the hair. Finally fixed with lacquer and pass your fingers through your hair to separate curls and create these soft waves .

waterfall of curls

The curly gently open to reveal their faces create hairstyle really trendy . The platinum blonde hair , then spread a light to illuminate the entire complexion .

long wavy hair

How to recreate them:

Divide the hair into two sections with a lateral row and apply a specific product styling . Further divide the hair into two parts, ears up, and set the two great strands over his head, leaving the lower part they can be dissolved by a model with a curling off . Then proceed the same way with the two top sections of the hair. Sure, finally, to model the right way the two strands at the sides of the front, so that you take away from the face to create the ‘ cascading effect .

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Curls tight

Not really waves , but more defined curls to get this hairstyle.

long wavy hair

How to recreate them:

With a comb, create a middle row and divide hair into two large sections. Take a curling iron close and, stopping above the locks, curled all the hair, starting from mid-length. Eventually, fixed everything with lacquer-specific give shine .


These waves of capelli long will make feel like a star ! The curls that are woven together create wonderful effect that, among other things, is absolutely trendy this season.

 long wavy hair

How to recreate them:

After shampooing, dry your hair and divide into two sections with a central line. Attach the tops of sections over the head, to easily start modeling the two lower sections of hair with a curling iron . When you finish this, you continue with the top, but not from the root. Finally, secured with lacquer and voila! The waves are made!

To exotic

The dark hair always have a touch exotic and mysterious . Adding light light shots , you will be giving more intensity to your look . fringe sexy side and harmonizes perfectly with these soft waves.

long wavy hair

How to recreate them:

Divide the hair into two parts and start with modeling the fringe, fixing it softly to the head in order to work on the rest of the hair. As usual, divide your hair into two sections – from the ears up, the first section – and femate the upper section to the head. Then modeled the bottom with a curling iron off . After finishing, melt the top of the hair and carry out the same way. When finished, comb the hair with your fingers to enlarge and lengthen the strands, creating these wonderful, soft waves .


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