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Long hair with braids: historical courses and resorts.

In twists and turns of history and trends, the braided is becoming more arrogance in ‘ hairstyle contemporary. hair with : new life for an old cut.

Long hair with braids. An archaic method for new variations

Although you always start from the three groupings of capelli twisted between them, the forms and the variations are numerous: soft, narrow, unkempt, twisted, single , etc.

The first fact you notes tressed increasingly visible in the hair daily although less narrow and decidedly softer. This can be easily achieved with wavy hair, while remaining the trend a bit ‘of collegiate , the hair very smooth.

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Long hair with braids. Not only long hair


But the real news is seeing braids , not linked to the concept of hair long . Even with a short cut on average you can have kinks side, that return a pleasant effect of hair behind her ears, until highlight real braids side.

At the fancy then there is no limit. Only the desire to experiment with this hairstyle symbol of femininity maybe even with applications in single braids scattered among capelli loose.

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