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Long bob: what is, and many ideas of style in our gallery!

In recent months we have focused repeatedly on the long bob , defining it as one of the cuts most “in” of the moment. But are you really sure that you understand what the long bob ? Before turning to our today, we explore a bit ‘of concepts of this style, and different modes of hairstyle.


In doing so, first remember that The long bob a stretched mode of the classic bob (the rack), that women all over the world have embraced it with conviction by virtue of the advantages that this style may be able to boast. The cut is produced strictly equal, while the row can be lateral or, even more seductive, at the center. The fringe can be more or less than this depending on the features of your face and the specifics that you want to communicate outside.

 long-bob-scalato- mandy-moore-of-2014

As for the length, there is a rigid and ideal threshold to be met. However, the greatest hairstylists around the world agree achieve earlobe shoulder. As instead regards the type of hair, you can get a nice long bob with a cut ultra smooth or with a slight blur. The important thing is that the cut is clean and well laid out.

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On this last aspect we wish to linger for a while. In our opinion, in fact, the long bob it provides its best added value with a smooth cut, rather than moved or hedgehog. However, if you have wavy hair, you can still get a nice visual effect if you can sufficiently tame your hair (and therefore should be moved slightly, and not pronounced). A product for it to finish and will help Syling nell’arrangiare the best hair.


At this point, we can do introduce many long bob for every occasion. As you will realize browsing our photo gallery today, the long bob is really a cut very romantic, able to elevate your seductive power, and can also make you gain a few years.

Look at the shots we have selected for you. You will certainly find what you can adapt to your physical characteristics and emotions that you want to communicate. Talk to your hairdresser and prepare a small revolution on your hair: The long bob will certainly be able to enhance your beauty, and to comply with all the specifics of your face, appropriately customized and declination style!

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