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Hair color, every face she wants her … but how to find it?

The different shades of color hair can create a bit ‘of embarrassment in all women. But what color to choose for there is good alignment with their flesh, with the brightness of his eyes, and with the other elements that may distinguish our face? How to navigate thousands of different shades, with many types of blond, Brown dark or rossi ? And such nuances take?


Answer the questions above deserves an encyclopedia! After all, choose the hair color we want to have our head is a real obstacle, which often leads to a good result only after attempts, and experiments … “failures”. What makes it more complicated everything, even the fact that color is actually declinable in numerous details, which can enhance or not the tone of our flesh.

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That said, our photo gallery will certainly offer a minimum of clarity for your choices. The photo gallery will offer indeed different styling options and combination of hair color and the skin , which is useful for understanding what will be (also) your end result.

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However, nothing prevents us from re-propose some examples and some guideline. For example, if you love her hair platinum blonde, it is good that your complexion is rather pale or very clear, while a facial complexion may create a bad tune with this shades of hair color . Speech very similar is related to a color brown caramel or honey, that does not seem to be well-matched to a color too sallow complexion , which will instead be well enhanced by dark hair and intense.


And as for the makeup? Even the eyes have their fundamental role in the guarantee you a look enviable. So, for the make up of the eyes is recommended a color that can enhance the iris, and make it more visible and bright. Do some evaluation reference, perhaps taking a cue from our photo gallery and the insights that we’ve got to take care over the past few months.

Finally, try to take a look at our photo gallery today. Various examples of style on which, perhaps, even be able to your ideal. So proceed with careful consultation, and try to understand whether – on you – the same color combinations and makeup can be more or less suited to enhance your beauty, and make even the most marked your strengths stylistic.

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